Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5 Years Later

It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since Grace passed away. It seems so long ago yet the sense of loss is still so raw. It's like this empty feeling deep down inside that never seems to go away. After a while it just becomes who you are and you live with the pain.

As much as we live with the loss of Grace we also embrace the impact she had on our lives. She taught us to appreciate your loved ones and never take your time here for granted. She made me more compassionate and selfless. As my tattoo says, "Living with Grace in my heart."

We have also been blessed to meet Art and Sadie through Grace and their daughter Eva. We share a common bond that few couples can. When we met last year at Disney World it was like meeting family for the first time. They are wonderful people who we cherish and love.

As for the genetics testing her DNA is currently being studied at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. Most recently her DNA was being studied in France and Iceland. For someone who never left Sacramento her DNA has gone all around the world. Even though more families have been added to the study there has been no link between any of us. I've come to believe her disorder was idiopathic with no known cause. Which is probably the hardest thing to live with, not being able to say this is why it happened.

As our families and lives grow we do so with Grace's presence always nearby. Sometimes we watch the Long Island Medium and wonder what Grace would say if she could communicate with us. Perhaps she'd tell us what Heaven is like and who she's met. But we also know she would say not to be sad and that one day we'll all be together again.

We love you and miss you Gracie.