Thursday, October 7, 2010

A prayer for Grace

Grace's grandma has requested everyone to say a prayer for Grace on Sunday 10/10/10 at 10:10 a.m. We hope you will join her in praying for Grace and sending those healing wishes.


  1. Agreed and we will do so! She has so many angels of wisdom and hope, the more the merrier. all our love, the Deckers

  2. Our family will pray for Grace everyday and will keep a hope and prayer candle lit all day on 10/10. May God bless beautiful baby Grace and her loving parents too.
    The McAdam's

  3. You do not know me but I feel so moved to tell you what a beautiful baby Grace absolute doll! Hearing her story reinforces my own belief on several things: God did not "call her home", as some would say. I believe that a disease "sent her" home and that she is totally engulfed in God and His love at this time and forever. I also believe God is with both of you, now and forever.

    As a member of Divine Savior I will also say that you did not "luck out" in getting Fr. Roman to do the service. God "blessed" you with him (maybe a sign of God being so with you both).

    You're in my prayers...