Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gracie Month by Jamie Heller

Rainy days are the worst. Grace passed away on a gloomy, rainy day. Thus, for the rest of our lives the rain will be a reminder of the worst day of our lives. Trying to look for some brightness in today, I decided to read again something that our dear friend, Jamie wrote about how Grace touched her life in many ways. She even had the courage to stand up at Grace's services and read this. It was, without a doubt, one of the most touching moments of the service. Reading these touching words again has helped put a bit of sunshine into my otherwise dreary day today. For those of you who didn't have the opportunity to attend her services, or for anyone who needs a bit of sun in their day, I encourage you to read Jamie's heartfelt words. We love you Jamie Heller.

In July Gracie came into this world and taught us the joy of life and the comfort of those we love. In August she taught us about challenges, perseverance and strength. September was the prime of young Gracie’s life and she gave us so much. In just 3 months, Gracie and her parents helped us all to cherish some of the very fundamental life experiences that make us human including the gifts of hope and love.

Gracie reminded us to go out take a walk, enjoy the beauty of life and to reconnect with the one we love. Gracie reminded many of us to keep the grand scheme of life in perspective and not sweat the small stuff. She taught us to be open to and tolerant of people and maybe make a new friend or two along the way. Above all Gracie reminded us to find the good in every day.

Here it is October and Gracie has taught us to not put things off because you may never know if or when you’ll have the chance to do it. Gracie’s final lesson in life came to us this month, the lesson of selflessness of her parents who always did only what was best for Gracie.

Brien and Holly’s selflessness is apparent to all who know them. They continued their blog, Gracie’s Journey to teach us valuable life lessons as they learned them. They never complained and they never gave up.

So thank you young Gracie for the lessons you taught in July, August, September and October as we will carry them through all the months of the year. We will honor you by loving and cherishing those around us, finding the good in every day, persevering when times are tough and being selfless in the face of hardship. So rest peacefully young Grace we were all honored to have known you.

Jamie Heller


  1. That's beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Linda

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to honor a truly remarkable and beautiful little angel. And these special words brought so much comfort to Gracie's parents, Brien & Holly Cook. Thanks for sharing this, we were so blessed to attend Gracie's remembrance services. Gracie you will remain in our hearts forever. All our love. The Deckers

  3. That is amazing, thank you so much for posting that. It was so beautiful when she read it at the service, but I think that I missed some bits and pieces in between stiffled sobs. Brien and Holly, I can't tell you enough how much I admire that both of you! Your strengh, your selflessness, your faith and the unconditional love for Gracie. I think of all three of you many times a day. You all have a place in my heart as we both know the realms of epilepsy. If I can be half the parent to Meghan, as you are to Gracie, then I can be happy with myself. Thank you for opening up and sharing your hearts. It puts so much into perspective. Hugs to you and Brien!

  4. Holly & Brien

    I only recently learned of this tragic loss... It is with sincerity that I wish for you both continued openness toward, and support for each other; that your wounded hearts heal together, as your Angel herself continues to fill a special place within your individual souls, and be a seminal factor and catalyst, contributing to the structural soundness of your love for one another.

    Peace, dear friends______

    Rich Worrell