Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gracie's Angel Friends

Those mysterious pinwheels made a reappearance today when we went to visit two of Grace's angel friends, babies Lily and Elle. Two amazing little girls who were taken from this Earth far too soon, but they both made an astounding impact on countless numbers of people. I have been just awestruck looking at their pictures lately, the bright twinkle in their eyes and those sweetest smiles just warm my heart. They are pure and innocent, and possess the most happy and untainted spirits.

Brien and I had the pleasure of meeting these babies' wonderful and caring parents during our support group meetings last spring. We finally got a chance to visit both of their memorial sites today and were amazed at some similarities between their sites and Grace's. Baby Elle had a cute musical baby ball, it was one of the same toys that Grace had, only she never got opportunity to play with it. Baby Lily had a couple of pinwheels at her site which Brien and I immediately recognized from Grace's site. I wrote about these about a month ago, someone had left them at every baby's site in the cemetery where Grace was located. So maybe it was Lily's parents who left them...but we don't know for sure. Probably just coincidence, or maybe.....another sign. If not for Grace, we would have never met such wonderful people.

Perhaps, through these small coincidences, Grace was telling us that she is a dear friend to these sweet babies. In any case, we sure hope that babies Grace, Lily, and Elle are finding happiness together, "Forever Over the Rainbow!" God bless our little girls. May their spirits and kind hearts shine on through eternity.

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