Thursday, September 15, 2011

Living on Halo

Two weeks ago Holly and I moved into our new house. This is the same house in which our offer was accepted on Grace's 1st Birthday. Aptly enough the house is located on Halo Avenue. Definitely a sign from our little angel.

The move was very stressful for us. We had about 80% of our belongings in storage while we were temporarily living at a friends' house. So when it came time to move we had to coordinate moving from our temporary house and the majority of our other belongings in storage. On top of that we needed to get some painting and repairs done prior to moving in.

We've been in the house for two weeks now and we're finally getting settled in. Normally we would have already been unpacked but that has been delayed by flooring problems. We bought new floors and they were to be installed before we moved in but they were late in arriving so we had to move in knowing we'd have to move everything out a few days later. Then when the floors did get installed we learned they were defective. We're now waiting for replacement floors to arrive so we can get them installed and finish moving in. The majority of our living room and dining room is in the garage. Meanwhile all our garage items are in the backyard. So we're looking forward to finishing up.

The one thing that has been making the house feel like a home is Grace's pictures. We've been gradually hanging up pictures of her and unpacking personal mementos. It's also been nice to have her Hope chest in our bedroom which gives us a sense she's close by. The butterfly plants we'd purchased for her butterfly garden have already been attracting butterflies. We're hoping to start working on her garden in about a month. Gradually the house is becoming a home for Holly and I where we hope to create new memories but never forgetting our past. This house will be just as much Grace's as it ours.

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