Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Fitting Tribute

On Monday, we installed Grace's monument. It concluded months of planning and coordination in the creation of her monument. Because of the importance of her monument to us I was actively involved throughout the entire process. The owner of the monument company and his assistant did a wonderful job. They made sure no details were missed.

Due to our weekly visits to her gravesite we have become acquainted with the cemetery personnel. Joe, one of the cemetery groundskeepers stopped by to say hello. He said her marker was the most beautiful one in the baby section. Which made me happy to hear.

Her monument was actually completed a couple weeks ago, but we had to wait for the weather to clear up before we could install it. So Holly and I have been anxiously waiting for this day. There are so many emotions associated with having it done. Words like joy, peace, pride and satisfaction all come to mind.

She's located at the entrance into the Garden of Angels. We call her the "Greeter" and now she has a fitting monument for that role. I think it kind of bothered me to visit her gravesite and see a temporary 3" x 5" marker. So to have a permanent monument that embodies her feels good.

Our graphic artist Sara and I designed the monument. Holly and I wanted something that was designed exclusively for Grace that had special meaning to us. The bronze plaque was made at a foundry in Utah. We then had a local monument company order an Indian red granite marker and mount the plaque to it. We're both so pleased with the way it came out. We hope you'll stop by for a visit and see it firsthand.


  1. Oh Brien and Holly...I am so moved to tears. I have never seen anything more beautiful. It is truly breathtaking <3

  2. It's absolutely beautiful and couldn't be more perfect. I know a lot of tears and anguish went into getting it just how you wanted it, and you both did a wonderful job. I love that sweet little Gracie is the greeter of the garden...so befitting of your precious angel.