Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remembering Grace

Grace is never far from our hearts and minds. There isn't a day or hour that goes by where we don't think about her. So for us to remember Grace is easy. Fortunately, we tend to remember all the happy times. The simple moments we all take for granted in our busy lives. Like bath time, smelling her sweet soft hair and those little cute smiles that brought us so much joy.

One of the things I've discovered at our bereavement group is we all appreciate it when friends and family still want to talk about our lost loved ones. That is probably the one uniform thing we all agree on. Before all of this happened if I encountered someone who had lost a child I probably would have avoided talking about it for fear of upsetting the person. But what I've learned is it's actually the opposite. It means so much to the parents of a deceased child to know others still think about him or her and want to talk about them.

I was reminded of this yesterday when we went to the cemetery to visit Grace. We noticed someone had left two red roses there. And I couldn't help but think about all the times we've come out to visit her to find someone had been there and left something special behind. To Holly and I this is probably the greatest gift and form of support anyone can give us. Knowing you still think about her really touches Holly and I. To know others have not forgotten her is what helps Holly and I heal. So we hope you will continue to visit Grace and feel comfortable talking about her with us. It won't upset us; it makes us happy that you still want to talk about her.

Grace will always be with those who loved her. She taught us all a valuable lesson; to cherish the ones you love and never take your loved ones for granted.

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  1. Agreed! What a wonderful tribute for a truly remarkable child and her two amazing parents. We continue to think of Gracie daily. Her story definitely has reminded us to be thankful for each day and cherish times with our loved ones and friends. Gracie is what has kept us strong after the tragic loss of our father and uncle in January. God bless the Cook family and God please watch over our little angel in heaven. We love you Gracie. PJ, Mark and Audrey Decker.