Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Good Thing

Yesterday was tough. We spent the entire day painfully watching Grace having about 2-3 seizures per hour. In addition, it took us an entire day to finally get a new medication (topiramate) that we are hopeful will help lessen the amount of seizures she is having. We have no idea why she has suddenly gone from 2-3 per day to this high number, everything just seems so random and disorganized. Her seizures are now also sometimes presenting differently as well so that poses even more questions...luckily, they are still rather short in nature, however they are now happening not only during awake times but they are also waking her up from a restful sleep. Needless to say we had to cancel her physical therapy appointment to focus on getting the seizures under control.

As we were walking last evening, I told Brien how I was trying to see the good things in every day. It was hard to find a good thing about yesterday. Then, I remembered that in all the turmoil of the morning's events, we got a call from the Children's Wish Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. When Grace was in the hospital, a Child Life Specialist decided to nominate her to receive a gift from their Young Minds Program. A couple weeks ago we finally got around to filling out the paperwork and turned it in. A nice woman named Nina called yesterday to tell us how much Grace's story had touched her and that in a week we would receive a UPS package full of toys for Grace from them. Again, just another example of the kindness of strangers and we are so thankful that this foundation exists and that they chose us to receive such a special gift. You can read more about them at their website and maybe even decide to help them in some way.


  1. That is so awesome Holly! Gracie is loved all over the place. Just looking at her beautiful pictures will do it. She is an amazing strong little girl that just melts hearts. Im praying for peace for you all this weekend and that the medicine will help.

  2. Gracie has touched the hearts of so many people all over the country. All of you are loved and are being prayed for many times a day! That is so wonderful that the Children's Wish Foundation is sending that package. The way you and Brien are sharing Gracie's life experiences and making us all remember to see the good in life, even in the darkest moments, will be remembered by all. I love you! Patti