Friday, September 24, 2010

The other side of the system

Here's hoping today will be better. Lots of changes starting today. In addition to her new medication, we will be starting physical therapy and also child development services through Easter Seals. For Brien and I being on the "other side" of the system is truly an eye-opening experience. As a therapist myself, I feel that although I know a lot about communication development, I also know that there is a vast amount of knowledge out there still to learn, and am hoping the collaboration with other professionals will only further that knowledge and help us both personally and professionally in better helping the children we serve. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons why Grace is here for us.

So far, as a parent, I have not lost faith in "the system" as every referral we have received has been processed in a timely manner, the professionals have been prompt in contacting us and very responsive to our concerns. Of course, it helps that we know a lot of the "ins and outs" since our business is a part of the system. It's been very difficult at times to step out of the "therapist" mode and into the "parent" role but I am trying and have the utmost faith in all of the professionals who will help us through Grace's Journey. We have every hope that she will continue to make progress with her baby steps.

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  1. Way to go! We're so thankful that you continue to post updates about Gracie. We pray for all of you daily and are keeping PMA that Gracie will show everyone how strong she truly is. We love you! The Deckers